Wildnis. Oder ein Wald ohne Strasse ist nichts wert, 2014



Wood Sometimes she liked to tell the story of the day she‘d tried to get lost in the forest and couldn‘t.

„There was a tree house“, she tried to justify the decision of her six-year old self.

„Probably a hunting shelter,“ a boyfriend she‘d dumped a week later had said.

She‘d walked through the forest until she‘d reached its end. Beyond lay: houses, streets, power lines,

unknown but disappointing in their familiarity.

So she had turned around, gone back, retracing her steps by picking up the bread crumbs she had strewn

herself as she went, and coming home before dinner. Text: Franziska Konitzer

( Anmerkung: Der Text von Franziska Konitzer ist in Anlehnung an meine Erzählungen über den Wald entstanden )